We believe in empowering every child! 

We provide a supportive, fun environment where young people can be inspired, creative, expressive, and shine! 


We believe that theatre builds confidence.

The process of learning and striving for personal, individual excellence is important. Performing Arts improve character qualities that support performance in school and enhance one's life. As a parent, you'll see your child blossom.


We believe in a varied curriculum. 

Each class is age-appropriate; though the description of a class may be the same for all age groups, the level of work changes depending on the age group so all students are encouraged and challenged.
     The emphasis within a class varies each semester and the specific work is always different, thus repeating a class is encouraged to achieve a higher level of excellence and confidence.  


kidsActing is a trusted and reliable performing arts school. For over 35 years our friendly and qualified staff have delivered quality and value. kidsActing is an Austin Institution. And kidsActing is FUN!


We empower and enrich your children through performance!

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