Working backstage can be fun, challenging, stressful, and rewarding... and often all at the same time! On top of all that, the skills you learn working backstage can easily be used in your life offstage! 




Theatre is all about collaboration and it takes a team to

make it work! 


Every single person onstage and offstage must work

together as a team to make a show go off without a hitch! 


Your Life Lesson:

Practice teamwork in real life. Whether it's sports,

relationships, family, or achieving life goals, you should

include others. There's no need to go it alone. You can

achieve so much with a little help from a friend, a

co-worker, or a mentor. 




One of the key skills to working backstage is the ability to solve unexpected problems. 


You can't be afraid to jump in and fix an issue when sets, costumes, or props break or something else runs amiss.


Your Life Lesson: 

Problem-solving skills are something you use in every aspect of your life. Take the initiative to step up and fix things when they go wrong, whether it's at home, at school, or at your job! When confronted with a problem, go into solution-mentality.




When working backstage, one of the first skills you will

learn is multi-tasking. Who says you can't do two things at

once? How about three or four?


You could find yourself doing a quick change with an actor

while presetting another change for a different actor and

safety-pinning a rip in yet another actor's costume! If you've

ever worked backstage during a show, you know this sort

of thing happens all the time!


Your Life Lesson:

Multi-tasking is more than a mere backstage skill. It can help you achieve goals faster, use your time wisely, and get so many things done. Even your parents will be impressed!





Trusting your instincts goes hand-in-hand with problem-solving. 


When you have only 30 seconds to do a quick change or move a piece of scenery, trusting your instincts is essential for quick-thinking and solving unexpected problems.


Your Life Lesson: 

When you remember to listen to your "inner voice" you will tend to make the most workable choice. It could be choosing the right audition song, picking your future college, or making a big life decision. When you trust your heart and go with your first instinct, you'll be on YOUR right track!





When you work in theatre it means you are working

with everyone (onstage and off) for long hours in a

row. Creating a positive work environment is a must

in putting a show together.


The simplest way to do that is also the best

foundation for one. Just be nice. Just be nice

to everyone!  


Your Life Lesson:

No matter where you are or what you are doing, remembering to be nice to everyone will bring you wonderful friends and supportive teachers, mentors, and colleagues. When you allow these awesome people in your life, you will find that they will help guide and support all along your journey!  




Let's say you are in the middle of handling a costume emergency and you look up and see one of the sound guys hooking up a microphone to another actor. You might think that guy has the easiest job in the world!


Think again! The sound guy has to do everything possible to prevent that mic from going out. He has to make sure that the mic is positioned in the exact place so the sound works correctly. Have you ever heard a microphone stop working in the middle of a show? The sound guy also has to trust his instincts to be able to multi-task and be a problem-solver.


Your Life Lesson:

Always to remember that no one's job is easy. Remind yourself that everyone has challenges and obstacles to overcome. It will help you when you're struggling. You are not alone!






Theatre can be exhausting. No matter what you are doing

on or offstage, it is imperative you get enough rest.


Sometimes it may seem like a waste of time to go off and

catch some shut-eye. And yet, you know you need enough

rest for you to be at your best so that your show can go off

without a hitch!  


Your Life Lesson:

To be able to enjoy an experience completely, you need

rest. To carry on in life with vigor and energy, you need rest.

Take your time to treat yourself kindly and catch some zzz's

to recharge your battery! 



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