I’m Bored!

(A journal excerpt)

Don’t you love that pic? That’s me between my little brother and sister and we’re bored, so bored, like with a capital B bored.


It’s late afternoon, we’re all done with homework, and there is nothing to do. There’s nothing on TV. Can’t stream Netflix, and we aren’t allowed to use the computer until mom or dad get home.

So what can we do? I’d like to do what we did last summer  Mom had us in a couple of kidsActing camps and even though I had to do it with my brother and sister, we had a blast. It was totally great!


I made new friends. I got to sing, act, stage fight with a light saber (COOL!) … even dance (turns out I’m not awful at the dancing thing). In this picture of last summer’s show, you can see us being totally NOT bored!

Mom says we’re going to do more kidsActing camps next summer, but that’s sooooooo far away…

Some of our new friends are getting ready for their performances at kidsActing of The Little Mermaid and I’m totally jealous. I mean I would have made an awesome Sebastian!

Anyway, Dan told me we should sign up for a spring class together. He said they’re going to be doing Mary Poppins and The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.


And get this, they also have a class that is just music from The Greatest Showman (my favorite movie of all time)! He read them all to me from the brochure he got in the mail.

Any one of them would be so much fun… even if I had to do them with those other two on the couch.


Soon as I hear mom car in the garage, I’m going to load up this website and look real innocent, sitting on the couch. Whistling. www.kidsactingstudio.com/Spring.

Wish me luck!


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