Covid Policies
kidsActing will be following the CDC recommendations in regards to COVID policies, in addition, we will also continue to require masks at all times since most of our students remain unable to be vaccinated. 



  • Policies surrounding masks are the most complicated and we are continuing to monitor the news and guidelines from the CDC.   We thank you for your patience while we navigate these difficult decisions. 

  • Students should bring a well fitting mask to class every week.  If they do have a mask or it does not fit them well kidsActing will provide them with a disposable mask.

  • kidsActing will continue to require masks for all teachers, students and parents, at least until all students are eligible to receive vaccines and enough time has passed for them to be fully vaccinated. We do reserve the right to extend the mask requirement but are hopeful that it will not be needed.

  • If masks are required for shows kidsActing will provide them (We found masks that were better than the kind used for Annie & Fiddler on the Roof last year.)



  • Students will have in-person classes.  We will only go virtual if there is a full shutdown, which does not look likely.

  • If a student/teacher in the class test positive we will use the CDC guidelines to decide how the situation needs to be handled. 



  • If the location offers the opportunity for students to audition outside students may be allowed to audition without a mask individually.  Group auditions will be masked.  

  • If students do not feel comfortable auditioning without a mask OR cannot audition outside each student will be allowed to send their teacher a 30-second audition video.

  • We encourage the use of clear masks for auditions.  These can be purchased on Amazon for a few dollars each.



  • kidsActing WILL have in-person performance opportunities for all classes.  These performances may have limited seating or move to an outdoor setting.  

  • We are working with rights companies to be able to film and distribute these performances as well if we have to limit seating.

  • If shows are moved outdoors, we will do highlights from the shows so that students can be properly mic'd and heard in place of full productions.  This is not something we anticipate happening, nor do we want to do, and would ONLY be done if there were city mandates in place requiring it.

Frequently asked questions

Drop off/Pick up Policies

Parents will be required to wear masks during drop off/pick up. Parents must accompany all students to the door for their safety.

Cleaning Procedures

Surfaces will be sanitized before, during, and after camps. Costumes and Props will be sanitized after each use. Parents who do not want their child to wear provided costumes must contact thier teacher no later than 6 weeks after the begining of class. Parents may be asked to cover the cost of additional costumes. Students will wash hands regularly and hand sanitizer will be available at all times.

Social Distancing

Class sizes will follow safety recommendations issued by CDC. Students will be reminded to keep social distance when they are not actively participating in acting exercises onstage.

Mask Protocols

Policies surrounding masks are the most complicated and we are continuing to monitor the news and guidelines from the CDC. We thank you for your patience while we navigate these difficult decisions. Masks will be worn by students and teachers, as many of our students are not eligible for the vaccine at this time. The earliest we will remove the mask requirement will be 8 weeks after vaccines become available for students 5 and up. We do reserve the right to extend the mask requirement after this time. Students should bring their own clean mask to class each day. kidsActing will provide a disposable mask to any child that needs a clean one. kidsActing also recommends wearing a face shield and a clear mask for auditioning. Clear masks can be found on Amazon. While we hope it is not the case, if we determine that masks are required for shows, kidsActing will provide clear masks for all students in Full-Scale Productions.

Health and Safety

Teachers and students may not attend class if they have any symptoms including: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste, diarrhea, feeling feverish, temperature greater or equal to 100.0 degrees, or have a known contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have Covid-19. Students will be sent home if they do not follow teacher instructions about mask wearing, social distancing, or if they have a fever of over 100.0 degrees or are feeling any other symptoms listed above. Parents are required to pick students up promptly.

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