The Falling Chandelier from 

The Phantom of the Opera


Did you know the chandelier in the London production falls much faster than the one on Broadway? As the producers were preparing the Broadway production, OSHA came in and required more safety cables and restraints, which slowed  the fall significantly.

The Barricade from

Les Misérables

The barricade in the Broadway production was so large, it had to be stored in the wings, in clear view of the audience.

Glinda's Bubble from



Kristen Chenoweth, Broadway's original Glinda, once said the bubble gave her the best entrance she ever had... and will EVER have for the rest of her career.

The Swings from


The swing scene in Matilda was one of the hardest things to get right. Why? More than half of the children were actually young adults and it took quite a bit of extra work to make them look like kids on swings.

The Rising Tire from



The tire was the first thing the designers decided to use because it not only gave the appearance of a junkyard, it was also the largest piece that would show the audience the "size" of the cats onstage.


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