kidsActing Foundation Proudly Presents the ASTARS in

Their Spring Musical on March 26

Come see the ASTARS class, in partnership with the Autism Society of Texas, perform an amazing rendition of a classic musical based on one of the world’s rhymiest, silliest children authors of All TIME! Hint: there will be a cat, his hat, an elephant, a speck, and couple of other things..

kidsActing Foundation gives K-12 kids of all ethnicities and genders the chance to lead, learn, thrive, and grow through the magic of performing arts - at no cost to families.  These children and teens are often under served by traditional theater programs due to economic hardship or lives affected by special needs. 

What makes KAF's program unique is that our young actors work together for consecutive weeks each semester to put on a full-scale musical production. Children and teens function as a team to learn their lines, develop choreography, and perform a show in front of a live audience.


  • 80% of the schools served by kidsActing Foundation in East and Central Austin are Title One schools

  • 98% of students are part of the free lunch program

  • We currently operate on five East Austin elementary school campuses: two of these programs are in partnership with The Andy Roddick Foundation


We also offer programs specifically for:

  • Children and teens with Down syndrome, in partnership with the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas.

  • Children and teens on the autism spectrum, in partnership with the Autism Society of Central Texas.

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We would like to thank our kidsActing friends and families for all of your support through these trying times. 

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