Be Observant

It’s easy these days to put in our earbuds or play on our phones and ignore everyone around us. But studying life and human interaction is one of the simplest ways to learn how to recreate it.


Next time you are on the bus or eating your lunch, observe the people around you. Just try not to stare and look like a creep.

Visit a Renaissance Faire


One of the best places to observe people is a Renaissance Faire. Here, you will find professional actors who travel the country with the faire to locals who don a period costume and completely immerse themselves in the activities.


You will see that nearly anyone in a costume has taken on a character. Watch how they interact with others. Observe how they time-travel back hundreds of years and become a part of a completely different world.

Read Autobiographies of Successful Actors

This is a great way to learn from those who have come before you. Read about others’ experiences and the methods behind their top-notching acting skills. 


Biographies and memoirs could also contain a way of breaking into the business that you haven’t thought about or tried. Consider reading widely, choosing books about retired actors, comedy actors, theatre actors or even movie actors. Each one will bring a different perspective and offer you a well-rounded approach.

Listen to Podcasts


There is pretty much a podcast for everything, and theatre is no exception. Get insider tips from “Inside Acting,” or learn all about Broadway on “Broadway Radio” or from interviews with those in the industry on “Theater People.”


Listen when you're at the gym, during chores or on your way to work, school or rehearsal, and you’ll turn everyday tasks into a learning opportunity.

Try Some Different Artistic Endeavors

No matter your artistic abilities, the one common thread is creativity. If you're an actor, singer, dancer, or musician you know it's important that you keep your creative juices flowing.

The more you exercise your creative muscles, the more you will learn about yourself and your craft. You might even pick up skills that will help you later in a specific role. In the end, creativity breeds more creativity, so stretch yourself and let your imagination play.


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