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Welcome back to the kidsActing Theatre Book Club! This time we are featuring books about theatre for everyone, young and old!
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Title: Pet of the Met
Author: Lydia and Don Freeman
Reading Level: Ages 4 and up
Maestro Petrini, the tiny page-turner for the Prompter at the Metropolitan Opera House, has always evaded Mefisto the cat until the day Petrini gets carried away by Mozart's Magic Flute and joins the performers onstage. 
Available in Hardcover and Paperback
Title: Romeow and Drooliet
Author: Nina Laden
Reading Level: Ages 8 and up
Author-artist Nina Laden has applied her trademark wit to one of Shakespeare's best-loved plays, Romeo and Juliet.
Adults familiar with the classic love story will delight in the many references to the original play, all of which make this a rarity: a children's book they want to read again and again. Young children who know nothing of the Bard will be riveted by this funny yet touching tale about Romeow the cat and Drooliet the dog, two star-crossed lovers who meet by chance, marry in secret, and are kept apart by a snarling rottweiler, appalled owners, and the animal control warden.
The clever details and careful research deliver a heartfelt homage to true love won and lost and won again, proving that dogs and cats can be friends. 
Available in Hardcover and for Kindle
Title: Haunt Me Still: A Novel
Author: Jennifer Lee Carrell
Reading Level: Ages 13 and up
Haunt Me Still marks the much-anticipated return of main character Kate Stanley, a Shakespearean scholar and theater director. This time, Kate becomes embroiled in a murder mystery, affecting her current production of Macbeth, the Bard's famously cursed play. As Kate and company begin rehearsals at the foot of Scotland's Dunsinnan Hill, she discovers the body of a local woman where everything seemingly points to ancient pagan sacrifice.
Marked as both suspect and future victim, Kate desperately races to find a dangerous, alternate version of Macbeth, which may lead her to Shakespeare's darkest secret.
Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook
Title: Sam Stars at Shakespeare's Globe
Author: Pauline Francis
Reading Level: Ages 6-10
Samuel longs to work for William Shakespeare whom he believes is the greatest writer in England. Impressed by the boy's pluck, Master Shakespeare agrees to employs him. to play Cobweb, then the grandson of Coriolanus, then a young Roman boy in Julius Caesar
The part he truly yearns for and hasn't gotten is Juliet. And one day, Sam gets the lucky break he's been wanting. But has he got what it takes to become one of the most famous young players in all of England?
This vivid historical tale re-creates Shakespeare in his setting and explores the fascinating convention of boys playing girls’ parts in 16th-century England.
Available Hardcover and Paperback
Title: Drama! (A four-book series)
Author: Paul Ruditis
Reading Level: Ages 12 and up


Spawned from Hollywood's A-list glitterati, nearly every student at the exclusive Orion Academy is a singer, dancer, model, or actor -- with the ego to match. So how do you fit so many budding stars into one school musical? Multi-cast, of course. It's a Wizard of Oz like no other: four Dorothys, two Scarecrows, two Glindas, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...


Meanwhile, Bryan Stark, narrator extraordinaire, needs to shed some light on a more scandalous plot. Dorothys are mysteriously dropping out of the show, one after the other. If Bryan doesn't figure out why there may be no one left to click her heels by opening night.



School's out, but the drama never stops at the super-posh Orion Academy. Hartley Blackstone -- the famous director, producer, choreographer, and genuine Broadway icon -- has chosen Orion to hold auditions for one lucky guy and girl to attend his summer theater program in New York City. 

Naturally, every wannabe-It girl and boy at Orion is going mad, prepping to win Blackstone's approval. With any luck, it could be Bryan and his BFF, Sam, stepping onto a Broadway stage. 

But Mr. Blackstone, known for his notoriously harsh critiques, is capable of crushing hearts and shattering dreams with a single word. Bryan will need more than his snarky wit and cute smile for this one. He's got to bring it! Now if he could just figure out exactly what it is


The Renaissance Faire has come to town! Okay, so the exclamation point doesn't make it any cooler, but Sam is overjoyed to reunite with her former faire folk. Bryan, on the other hand, can do without all the "thees," "thous," and -- oh yes -- man tights. But he'd best take part in the festivities lest he lose his head...with Sam doing the chopping.        

As if that weren't dramatic enough, someone has discovered Bryan's not-so-closeted secret. And it might be time for Bryan to step of the role he's been playing for years. It's a Malibu drama geek stuck with a wannabe King Arthur's, court, and he's got a major secret to tell. You don't want to miss the show...



It's time for the Fall One-Act Festival, and Hope gets the honored privilege of debuting her very first original play! With Bryan directing and Jason and Sam as the leads, it seems as if nothing could go wrong with this dream team of talent. But where's the fun in that? 

Enter Sam and Jason's onstage chemistry that's so hot, it's working overtime offstage! Of course, Sam's real-life beau, Eric isn't so cool with that. And what about Bryan? With his orientation public knowledge, he's gaining some admiring attention from the most unexpected people.

With all these distractions, it'll be a wonder if the play goes off at all. 


All books in the series are available in Paperback.


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