Musical Revue

Various Groups Ages 8-19

Live performances at our Outdoor Theatre

2 week camp

Join us as we sing, dance and act our way through some of the best musicals throughout musical theatre history! Learn choreography, perform solo songs, and act in scenes in the classics: Beauty and the Beast and Wicked! Join us for these 2 week intensives, putting everything together in a mini-musical revue at the end of the 2 week camp that your family and friends can attend in our backyard theatre space! Costumes, props, live music, live performance!


Perform in a mini-musical revue complete with costumes, live music, and above all, fun. 

Great roles for everyone!

*Final live performance for friends and family in our backyard theatre on the second Friday of camp at 7:00pm!

*weather permitting


9:00 am - 4:00 pm (full-day)

2nd Friday students will arrive at 9am and stay though show time. 

The cast will have a pizza party before the show!

Early Drop off and Late Pick up Available


$775, or $410 due at time of enrollment + $410 due two weeks prior to the camp start (to be automatically charged to credit card)


Beauty and the Beast

Ages 8-16

June 7-18, Center Stage

July 5-16, Center Stage


Ages 10-19

June 21-July 2, Center Stage

July 19-30, Center Stage

Camp Hours

Full Day Camps - 9am-4pm

Half Day Camps - 9am-12:30pm

Evening Camps - 5-8:30pm

Early Drop off/Late Pick up information

7:30am drop off M-F-$50 for the week*

8:00am drop off  M-F-$25 for the week*

4:30pm pick up M-F-$25 for the week

5:00pm pick up M-F-$50 for the week

5:30pm pick up M-F-$75 for the week

* Early drop off is available for 1/2 day camps

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