LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE: You might be singing “Tomorrow,” dancing with the other orphans or giving some cute love to Sandy the dog, this spunky, red-haired orphan is the main character of “Annie.” Andrea McArdle, Sarah Jessica Parker and more got their start starring in this beloved role.
OLIVER: Another iconic role, Oliver (another orphan) spends the show looking for a home and encounters the shenanigans of the Artful Dodger, the clever Fagin, and the down-and-out Nancy. Our hearts and minds will forever remember him asking if he can have some more gruel and singing “Where Is Love?”
JANE AND MICHAEL BANKS: The precocious children are the key to the Mary Poppins story. They have driven away nanny after nanny yet meet their match when Mary Poppins flies in. The Banks children are integral parts of the musical's biggest moments.
ALL THE TEENAGERS: Bye Bye Birdie, the iconic 1963 musical tells the story of Conrad Birdie's farewell to his fans as he's about to be drafted into the Army. The focus of his farewell are the teens in Sweet Apple, Ohio. The kids in this musical get to perform some of the best-loved songs in musical theatre.
MARY LENNOX: Based on the beloved children’s book, young Mary Lennox leaves her home in India to live with her uncle. After discovering an overgrown garden behind the house, she and her new friends bring it and those around her back to life. 

Fun Fact: Daisy Eagan, who played Mary in the original Broadway company, is the youngest person to win a Tony Award. The show is set to be revived in the 2018–2019 Broadway season, and we can’t wait!

THE VON TRAPP CHILDREN: We love every role in the “Sound of Music", especially the Von Trapp family children. They have such a wide variety of voice types, abilities, and dynamic personalities. It’s no wonder it’s been revived so many times. 
YOUNG NALA & YOUNG SIMBA: In the first act of The Lion King, young Nala and Simba play in the jungle, unexpectedly encountering evil hyenas and Uncle Scar. Young actors get to act with puppets, singing “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and perform alongside larger-than-life and colorful characters.
WINTHROP: Winthrop may be a secondary role in The Music Man, but when this young boy sings the memorable “Gary, Indiana,” audience members inevitably fall in love with him. This role needs only minor training, making it a great start for young boys who want to try their hand onstage. 
CHIP: Like Winthrop in The Music Man Chip requires minimal singing and no dancing, as it’s just the actor’s head that is visible.  Fun fact: Nick Jonas played this role in the original Broadway production.  We found some rare footage of Nick's performance, It's not the best quality, but he's just so adorable!


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