Rae Wymen:

Our Stage Manager Super-Hero!

During a performance of Cabaret, there is a moment that calls for the actors to drink prairie oysters.  If you have not had a prairie oyster before, it is a raw egg and Worcestershire sauce.  At  one of the performances, an actor spit out his raw egg onto the floor. It was a nasty blob of slithering yoke and slime! Our fearless stage manager came out in the blackout with wads of paper towels to clean it up. She started mopping up the disgusting mess and realized she didn’t have enough paper towels.  So what did she do?  Luckily she was wearing two shirts.  She took off the first and mopped the floor with it!  Yes, she did. … but wait, there’s more…  later in the second act some water spilled on the floor during the party scene.  And then our, “Super Stage Manager” (cue the super hero music) came out in the blackout, couldn’t use her only remaining shirt, so got on the floor and crawled around so her pant legs would wipe the water up. 

Talk about a stage manager giving you the shirt off her back!  So she is prepared in the future, our Costume Designer made Rae this fabulous super hero cape equipped with mop fringe and tear away sponge.  We would say that Rae deserves serious kudos!!!  Wow!  Thanks Rae!


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