The Story

Times are tough in the Middle Ages! Prince John wants more taxes. The Sheriff of Nottingham doesn’t understand why no one likes him. Robin Hood and his Merry Men think calling in fake pizza deliveries is a “clever plan”. Maid Marian wants everyone to know the Ladies are doing it for themselves. 

Heroic antics combine with side-splitting comedy in this wild and wacky reimagining of a classic adventure! Sherwood Forest has never been more fun or funnier!

The Fun

Come learn slapstick comedy!


Come join the Merry Men and Merrier Women of Sherwood Forest.


Come play fun characters like overly-confident Robin Hood, clever Friar Tuck, brave Little John, sensible Will Scarlett, spunky Maid Marian, hilariously villainous Prince John, the under appreciated Sheriff of Nottingham, and many more! 

You’ll have a swashbuckling good time learning challenging stage combat moves and sword fighting!  Lots of exciting roles for everyone!

Where - When

Center Stage Theatre

Ages 8-18

June 10 - 30




Friday, June 28 - 7:00pm

Saturday, June 29 - 3:00pm

Saturday, June 29 - 7:00pm

Sunday, June 30 - 3:00pm

Camp Tuition

$995 or $520 due at time of enrollment + $520 due two weeks prior to the camp start (to be automatically charged to credit card)

Is the camp you're looking for full?

Full Day Camps

  • 9:00 am to 4:00 PM

  • Tuition: $345

Half Day Camps (only as noted)

  • 9:00 am to  12:30 pm

  • Tuition: $245

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Sign up for two or more camps

OR with a sibling

OR refer a friend NEW to kidsActing!

(up to $75, taken from final payment)

Play Production Early Drop Off:

  • 7:30am- $150 for all 3 weeks

  • 8:00am- $75 for all 3 weeks

Late Pick Up

  • 5:00pm- $75 for all 3 weeks

  • 5:30pm- $150 for all 3 weeks


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