Congrats to Our Grads! We'll Miss You!

Our Seniors from L to R: Emily Ownby, Ashlyn Thompson, Megan Hudson, Dede Clark (director), Mich McKinstry, Evie Linton, Clara Battle

Last month, six outstanding and talented young people gave their final performances in our Elite Ensemble. We have loved watching them grow and mature into upstanding actors and people. Some of them have been a part of kidsActing for over ten years!
We wanted to pay special tribute to each of them by sharing the personal quote they had printed on special tickets for Beauty and the Beast. Best of luck to all our Seniors. We sure hate to see you go, but at the same time, we are thrilled for your futures!

MICH - Take this so you always have a way to look back and see us.

CLARA - We like this girl.  We like her spunk.

ASHLYN - If anyone can make the most of living it's you. Our little "Floof"!

EMILY Magnificence in Excelsius!

MEGAN - Go find adventure in the great wide somewhere.

EVIE - You make the world seem brighter!


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We would like to thank our kidsActing friends and families for all of your support through these trying times. 

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