Then and Now

Ages 12-19

Online Camp 

Shakespeare Then and Now

If you are home in August, spend it doing what you love with friends!

Could Shakespeare have written rap songs? Create your own modern take on Shakespeare’s works! In this fun, challenging class, you'll unlock the secrets of one of the world's greatest writers as you bring them into the 21st Century!  Start with a real blast from the past, learning by performing in some of Shakespeare's most iconic scenes. Then you'll rewrite them in contemporary language to perform again. What would you do to Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene? For another fun challenge, perform a monologue in it’s original version, then using your talents, turn it into a rap! Shakespeare costumes will be safely delivered to you. For your contemporary scene and rap, you get to choose your own look from your closet. Your final, edited performance will be shown on our private YouTube Channel that can be streamed to your TV! Your friends and relatives anywhere in the world can see your show! What’s past is what you create!

What Qualifies You for This Camp?

  • Passion for and dedication to theatre 

  • Willingness to challenge oneself as a performer 

  • Desire to grow as an actor

  • Age 12-19


Schedule and Pricing

REHEARSALS / CLASSES: Monday-Friday August 3rd-14th 4:00-6:15pm 

PERFORMANCE: Saturday June 27 Time TBD


Tuition $335

What You'll Need For This Class:

This class is an online interactive experience, therefore you will need access to the internet and the phone-meeting program Zoom. (Note: Link for the class will be sent via email prior to the start of the class). 


Your teacher will provide the scripts, you just need to bring your imagination and a willingness to learn! 


Play Production tuition: $335 per participant. 

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