Sketch Comedy:

Fractured Fairytales

Ages 9-15

Online Camp 

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Sketch Comedy: Fractured Fairytales

This is no “little kids” fairy tale! Bring a fairytale character off the page and onto the stage in this hilarious sketch comedy class. You’ll rewrite the legends to create gut-busting new adventures. What if Cinderella doesn’t like the Prince? What if the Big Bad Wolf was a nice, misunderstood guy? What if Snow White was sweet on Grumpy? Or what if there was an 8th dwarf, “Sleazy”. The possibilities are endless! Join the fun as we transform those old “once upon a times” into modern day comedy!  

What You'll Need For This Class:

This class is an online interactive experience, therefore you will need access to the internet and the phone-meeting program Zoom. (Note: Link for the class will be sent via email prior to the start of the class). 


Your teacher will provide the scripts, you just need to bring your imagination and a willingness to learn! 


Sketch Comedy: Fractured Fairytales tuition: $195 per participant. 

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