Student Technical Theatre

Stage Manager, Assistant Director

for each Full-Scale Production

Ages 13+

Technical Theatre



When your cast rehearses.  

(Any additional rehearsal dates and times will be included in

your syllabus.)


Technical Rehearsals & Performances

Determined by the production schedule. Please view the classes for which you are interested in being a tech.


Individual instruction

Dates and Times assigned by the

Production Manager.


As a student age 13 and up, you are invited to join one of our full-scale production classes this fall as either the Student Stage Manager or Assistant Director. These two are truly the MVPs of live theatre and performances. Although they are unseen on stage, the show cannot go on without them.


Work with our professionals: the show's Director and Production Manager for an introduction to the duties of a top-notch production crew.

  • Learn stage management

  • Be trained to assist a Director

  • Learn light and sound board operation

  • Participate in costuming, quick changes, and much more!



Only TWO Tech Theatre Students will be accepted into each class. This spring we have student tech theatre openings for:

  • Each full-scale musical production class of The Wizard of Oz.

  • All the full-scale play production classes of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Each Student Stage Manager or Assistant Director should choose a production class that best fits their interests and schedule.



In addition to attending all rehearsals, techs, and shows, students will meet with the Production Manager for in-depth instruction during the semester. There is much to cover and topics will include:

  • The fundamentals of each role (Student Stage Manager, Assistant Director)

  • The importance of their responsibilities

  • Tips to master these techniques

  • How to develop the procedures that make the magic of theater possible


Our Tech Theatre Students run the end-of-semester performances! 


Student Tech Theatre: Ages 13 & up only!  Student Tech is $100 less than regular cost of class


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