July/August Summer Camp Enrollment

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Be the first to know about all our great Summer camp offereings! From full-scale musical and play productions to weekly camps for Ages 5+, there's a camp for everyone!



kidsActing is Austin’s favorite and longest operating year-round school for young performers.


We have offered award-winning summer camps for children ages 4-18 since 1980.

This Summer

This year we’re going all out with single and multiple week camps, all of which end with exciting performances for friends and family. 

Most importantly, kidsActing gives your child a summer filled with fun, friends, and life-long memories.

Fun and Learning

All kidsActing summer camps are based on creating a fantastic show for family and friends. They are jam packed with fun while also teaching kids how to:


• Work as a team

• Memorize lines and block scenes

• Develop a character

• Sing & dance or perform stage       combat

• Improve audition skills

• Feel confident

• Take creative risks

• Make a mistake, laugh, and try       again


And theatre builds confidence and self-esteem. 


A Connected Team

kidsActing camps create confidence.  We give young people challenges they can achieve and give them a safe place that lets them take risks and thrive!


Our mini-revues teach teamwork, promote empathy, make reading fun, and explore the imagination!  Join the fun and experience the power of play!

Looking for Camps in June?

Check out our June Online Summer Camps through our kidsActing Connected program! 

Blue Washed Wall

We would like to thank our kidsActing friends and families for all of your support through these trying times. 

If you would like to support the kidsActing staff with a financial contribution,

or send the kidsActing staff and teachers some words of encouragement, you can do so here. 

Phone: 512-836-5437