Thanksgiving Break Camps

Fun over the holidays for various age groups

Age Groups 8-15

Thanksgiving Break Camp:


​​Stage Make-Up

Under the training of kidsActing makeup artist, Mary Meiron, you’ll spend these three days exploring the creative, fun-filled world of stage makeup! From basics to illusions to old age, you’ll design a whole new look from scratch each day! 


At the end of the camp students will have learned a new skill that they can add to their Actor’s Toolkit! Students can also submit photos of their looks to be shared on our kidsActing social media!

What You'll Need For This Camp:

This class is an online interactive experience, therefore you will need access to the internet and the online-meeting program Zoom. (Note: Link for the class will be sent via email prior to the start of the camp). 


In addition, students will need the following things found on the list below.

These items that can be purchased from a local grocery store or online.


​​​​​​3-Day Thanksgiving Break Camp: $215 paid in full.

Camp Meets At Central Standard Time

Nov 23-25

Stage Make-Up


10:00-11:30AM & 1:00-2:30PM CST

(there will be a 1.5 hour break from 11:30AM-1:00PM)

Ages 8-15

Blue Washed Wall
Phone: 512-836-5437