How do you know you belong on stage? How are you certain that a life in theatre is the life for you? We thought it might be fun if we offered a few hints. Enjoy! 

1. You long for the day in your life when a spontaneous musical number breaks out.
2. Not long ago, you blanked on the history test for the Founding Fathers. Not anymore!

Watch it HERE!

3. Whenever you’re in a restaurant, you wish someone would jump onto a table and start a rousing rendition of “La Vie Boheme.”

Listen to it HERE!

4. You know all the lyrics to "Defying Gravity" and "Waving Through a Window."
5. Your wardrobe consists of black clothing and costumes.
6. Strangers often stare at you because you are singing loudly in your car. This does not bother you in the least.
7. Your phone is filled with showtune playlists.
8. You have been perfecting your one-person show every day in the shower.


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