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ADVANCED Musical Production
Show TBD

Ages 11-18

As you know kidsActing is moving this year and we have not finalized our new location yet.  Performance location is important to know when picking a show so we are holding off on this announcement for a few weeks to be sure that we are picking the best show for the space.


We are very excited to see you in our Advanced Production this coming year and plan to announce the show and location soon.

This show will be directed by Mary Meiron and Noah Cantrell!

About Advanced Classes and Productions

Advanced classes put the ‘fun’ in ‘fundamentals’ and help build an excitement for excellence!

Our Advanced Classes are where committed and talented students meet together to challenge themselves and each other to greater levels of artistic achievements and confidence, onstage and off. 

Mastering Skills

In our Advanced Musical Production classes, students are presented with additional opportunities for artistic discoveries, including:

More intensive rehearsal process

in-depth character work and development.


Challenging choreography for musicals and physical character building for plays.


Additional vocal and physical exercises to help build the strength and confidence required for advanced performance.


Advanced classes participate in special workshops tailored to the special challenges presented by each production.  These workshops provide extra learning that students can carry well beyond the individual production. Past workshops have focused on diverse topics, including:


Ballroom Dancing

Shakespearean Language & Context

Character Status and Physicality

Creating Character Accents

Animals as Physical Characters



Mueller / Lark Studios

Mondays 5-8pm

Nov 6 - May 11


Techs and Performances



$1585 in full


 $355 due at time of enrollment + $225 payments due 11/1, 12/1, 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, &  4/1

Audition Info!

All previous participants in an Advanced Musical Production are automatically invited to enroll in this level.

These auditions are for entrance into the class NOT for parts. 

Pick a song that you love and a monologue from the list we send you or one you choose on your own. Perform it for us via video audition. 

Make sure you have FUN!
We are looking for students with a passion for musical theatre that enjoy sharing it in their audition!

Please sign up or ask questions about auditions
HERE and all details will be emailed to you.
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