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  • What age does my child have to be to attend the camps and/or classes?
    Three years old through high school senior.
  • If my child is younger than the required age, can he/she still attend camp or class?"
    ONLY if 1) They will be within the age requirements in no more than 2 months and are attending with an older sibling OR 2) They will have a birthday that puts them within the age requirement no later than 2 weeks after a camp and/or class has started.
  • What are the hours of the Summer Camps?
    SUMMER CAMP HOURS: FULL DAY CAMPS: 9:00am-4:00pm, Mon.–Fri., HALF DAY CAMPS: 9:00am-12:30pm, Mon-Fri. A kidsActing employee will be at the campsite at 8:30 am for any additional time needed for drop off. Pick up is at the end time of camp. We will have a 10 minute grace period for tardiness, however, each additional minute that you are late picking up your child will incur a $2 per minute fee (to be paid to the teacher staying with your child). We also offer extended hours as early as 7:30 and as late as 5:30 for an additional charge. You must sign up for extended hours at least 2 weeks prior to a camp start.
  • How do I register for camp or class?
    You can complete an online registration using a credit card at Or, you can call the kidsActing office at 512-836-5437.
  • Do I need to obtain a physical or immunization records from my child’s doctor?
    A physical from the doctor is not required, nor will we need any records of immunization. If your child has special needs or any allergies that can be life-threatening, please be sure to let us know in the notes section on the online enrollment form.
  • How will I know if my child is registered for camp?
    Once we receive your child’s registration and payment, you will be sent a Confirmation Letter via email. This confirmation letter will let you know what you need to bring to the camp/class you registered for. If you have not received a confirmation within a week of submitting application and payment, please call our office at 512-836-5437.
  • How do I cancel my enrollment?
    You can call or email the office with a request to cancel. Please include camper’s name, camp/class name, and location.
  • If I cancel my child's enrollment in a camp/class will I receive my money back?
    No. kidsActing maintains a strict no refund policy for all camps and classes. We are happy to work with you to find an alternate camp or class within the same semester.
  • How are the students grouped in a camp/class?
    kidsActing has a maximum number of students that will be allowed into camps and classes, depending on the age range of the camp/class. Students are grouped together and will be working cohesively as a team unit throughout the camp/class.
  • Will the boys and girls be grouped together?
    Yes. Boys and girls will all work within the same group.
  • What will kids do in camps and classes?
    kidsActing encourages participation from all of the students in camp/class. We will teach and play fun theatre games to obtain strength and trust within the group and will continue using theatre games as a means of learning the art of acting. We will run lines, and learn stage instruction, also called “blocking.” And, depending on the type of camp, we will be learning vocal skills, dance, and stage combat.
  • How are roles given?
    We will hold auditions for all students at the beginning of each semester (on the first day of camp for all camps). Any student wanting to audition for a lead role in a full-scale musical production class will need to come prepared with a song to sing as well as sheet music. During the singing portion of the auditions, we are listening to determine the student's vocal range and we are gauging whether or not their vocals will match certain character roles in the script. This may eliminate a student from certain roles-- not because they can't sing, but perhaps they don't have the right range (the part requires a soprano and the student is an alto) or perhaps the student's range isn't large enough for a particular role.
  • How do we determine if a student is "right" for a role?"
    What makes someone right might be something completely uncontrollable like size or age (sometimes someone needs to play older, which can mean that one of the younger kids, no matter how talented, isn't right for that role). The director will look at how the student read the part. Can they act it? Handle the comedy or dialogue or physicality? Seasoning comes into play sometimes. Often, but not always, a student new to performing simply doesn't have the confidence or vocal strength yet to handle a large role. Like anything else, that comes with practice. There have been occasions when a student that has never performed with kidsActing walks into the class, auditions, and gets the lead role. Sometimes that student has performed elsewhere and has built up their performance skills. Please remember, you probably couldn't skate in the Olympics your first time skating, no matter how much you wanted to. It would take lots of practice. Performing is the same. And performing with a group is a team sport-it's like putting a puzzle together. In some cases, a student may be a candidate for a lead role in the production, but they may also be one of few who could sing a smaller, more difficult role. Our job at kidsActing is to make sure all of the students are having fun, learning together, and creating the best show, as a whole, that is possible.
  • What do I do if my child isn’t happy with their role?
    There have been instances where a child may be unhappy with the role they have been given. Many times their unhappiness stems from the number of lines that the character they will be playing has. The number of lines you have is not important to the role. It’s what you do with your part that matters. The energy, the characterization is what matters. Does the audience want to look at you and do they believe and understand your character? That is what you strive for, not a number of lines to say. And in our shows, there aren’t any small roles, only small actors! All that said, we hope you give 100 percent!
  • Can parents observe the camp/class?
    All of our camps and classes will end with a performance. We ask that parents refrain from observing the camp and/or class until this final performance. It gives the students more excitement and energy to have their family members come and watch them perform for the very first time.
  • What if my child is very shy and doesn’t want to participate?
    We start all of our camps and classes with fun games and encouragement allowing children to open up at their own individual pace. Theatre is an amazing source for allowing children to grow and learn and find their own voice. We have had countless parents over the years come back again and again with their child, amazed that their once introverted child that wouldn’t speak to anyone is now standing on a stage, in front of a crowd of strangers, speaking aloud in a strong and confident voice.
  • Who is allowed to work for kidsActing?
    Many of our staff are instructors who have been in our program for many years and have an in-depth understanding of what we strive to accomplish. Other positions are filled by local actors and teachers who are professionals that act/teach for a living and have experience instructing children. We also have camp aides who are former campers and have participated in many of kidsActing’s camps and classes.
  • What is the difference between a camp and class?
    Our camps and classes are very similar when comparing the methods used for instruction for both. Our camps are very condensed versions of our spring and fall classes. Our themes and ideas change throughout the semesters and we encourage children to continue to take new classes with us to build strength in their acting abilities as well as confidence in their every day lives.
  • What should my child bring to camp?
    See confirmation email. Typically for an all-day camp, we ask that you send your child with a lunch and two snacks. For half day camps, we ask that you send them with only a snack. It is a good idea to send them with a bottle of water as well. We also suggest that they wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes (no flip flops!). If your child is participating in a full-scale production, we will be sending out a letter midway through the class with details about what they will need to have as underdress for their costumes and what footwear they will need.
  • Once I pay for the camp or class, will I have to pay for anything else, like costumes?"
    All costumes are included in the camps and classes. If your child is participating in a full-scale production, there will be a cost for tickets to attend the performances. Each actor in the productions will also be given complimentary tickets for their family to use. If your child is in a summer camp or semester class, there will be no additional cost. Each camp and class ends with a class performance that is open to family and friends at no cost.
  • If I don’t have a child in a camp or a class, but I want to come and see a show, may I?"
    Our full-scale productions are open to the public and tickets can be purchased via our website If you would like to be informed of future shows and events, please join our mailing list by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
  • What is kidsActing's electronics policy for their students?
    It is kidsActing’s policy that students not bring cell phones or any other electronics to any class, rehearsal, or performance. This includes classes at Center Stage Theatre, as well as classes that are held at our off-site locations. Because some children come from school in a carpool, we understand they may have electronics with them. We ask that they are powered off upon arrival, turned in to the teacher, and picked up after class. We strive to ensure that each and every child has a safe environment dedicated to learning and creative fun. To that end, leaving distractions out of the classroom is key. Our instructors all have cell phones that your child will be welcome to use at any time, if or when they need to reach you.
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