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Camp Hours

Full Day Camps - 9am-4pm

Half Day Camps - 9am-12:30pm

Early Drop off/Late Pick up information

7:30am drop off M-F-$60 for the week*

8:00am drop off  M-F-$35 for the week*

4:30pm pick up M-F-$30 for the week

5:00pm pick up M-F-$50 for the week

5:30pm pick up M-F-$70 for the week

* Early drop off is available for 1/2 day camps

Treasure Island-9290_edited.jpg

Treasure Island

Treasure Island-9314_edited.jpg

3 week Play Production

Ages 8-18



4 week Musical Production

Ages 8-18

Triple Threat


Sing! Dance! Act!

Ages 5-16

Adventures in Acting

Seuss ASL CP Final-2307_edited.jpg

Have an Epic Adventure!

Ages 6-13

Swiftly Taylor


Everyone's favorite pop songs and mashups!

Ages 7-14

Acting for
TV & Film

girl behind camera.png

Act in fun videos to share with family and friends!

Ages 7-14

Creative Kids

LM YC-1585.jpg

1/2 day Triple Threat Camps for Younger Kids

Ages 4-8

Tech Theatre


Make props, sets, and work backstage!

Ages 12+

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