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Confidence Through

Audition Workshops

Ages 9+

Join kidsActing alumni, Broadway performer, and

Tony Award nominee, David Bologna for this fabulous Audition Workshop!

 5-9 student individualized workshops focused on developing universal confidence and quick decision-making in new and unfamiliar spaces like new schools, tryouts, & audition rooms!


Students should come prepared with a song that they would like to work on with the audition coach.  They will receive feedback on their performance and specific coaching on the areas that need work to improve their audition performance.


Signups are limited - bring a favorite song and a group of friends, or sign up solo and practice meeting new friends!


$75 paid in full

$60 if your child is also enrolled in a Spring 2023 class!


Saturday, January 14th

Sorry, all of the Audition Workshops are FULL 

We will try to get another round of these workshops on the schedule very soon. 

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