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Dungeons and Dragons

This camp will not be offered in summer 2024.  If you would like to see this theme come back to kidsActing let us know at!

Create characters, learn Stage Combat & write your own show!

Calling all campers with big imaginations! 


Dungeons & Dragons is a fun game where players create characters and then act out an adventure with their team. Traditional D&D is done with teams sitting around a table. In this fun and creative summer camp, you will create your own character following D&D methods and then you will ACT OUT your adventures on the stage! Get your creative juices flowing by writing your own scenes to perform in the style of a D&D story. Along the way, you will learn stage combat, improv, playwriting, and most importantly have FUN while letting your imagination fly! 


At the end of the week, you will perform the scenes you have written as your created character for friends and family at 3pm Friday!


**Please note: Campers will not play D&D in this camp.  This is a theatre camp with D&D as its theme.


9:00 am - 4:00 pm (full-day)

Early Drop off and Late Pick up Available


$395, or $215 due at time of enrollment + $215 due two weeks prior to the camp start (to be automatically charged to credit card)

**Need a different payment plan?  Contact us and we can help you set something up!

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Camp Hours

Full Day Camps - 9am-4pm

Early Drop off/Late Pick up information

7:30am drop off M-F-$60 for the week

8:00am drop off  M-F-$35 for the week

4:30pm pick up M-Th-$30 for the week

5:00pm pick up M-Th-$50 for the week

5:30pm pick up M-Th-$70 for the week

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