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Dungeons and Dragons

Create your next Epic Adventure
8 Awesome Themes!

Limited to 8 students.

Welcome, knights and knaves, damsels and daring adventurers, wizards and whippersnappers, to kidsActing Dungeons and Dragons! Set in the wonderful world of Toril, our adventures will be filled with magic, mystery, and monsters. Will you rise to the challenge and become the heroes that the world so desperately needs? Join me and together we will build a unique and exciting adventure! 


All are welcome, regardless of prior experience with D&D. Whether you own every source book that has been released, or you have never rolled up a character before there is a place for you in this camp. In this theatre-based experience we will focus on improv, character motivations, and problem solving. All you need to have fun is a good attitude and an open mind!


For those who have not played before, D&D is a role playing game where the kids play as characters that they have created. These characters can be nearly anything that the kids want them to be, making it a lot of fun to build and customize. Just like the kids will play their characters, I (the Dungeon Master) will be playing all of the other characters that they might run into. After creating our characters, I will present the kids with the setting. From this point anything can happen! Just remember that anything that happens in character can and likely will have consequences. So let’s get in character and have some fun!


This class is an online interactive experience, therefore you will need access to the internet and the online-meeting program Zoom. (Note: Link for the class will be sent via email prior to the start of the class). 


Pencil and paper, imaginations and a sense of fun!

Optional -- D&D source books, dice


$235, or $135 due at time of enrollment + $135 due two weeks prior to the camp start (to be automatically charged to credit card)


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July 25-August 5


Into the Feywild

In this adventure our party finds themselves trapped in the feywild. The mystical woods of the feywild are dangerous, mysterious and full of mischievous creatures. Here you have to expect the unexpected, and you cannot rely on your knowledge of your world to help you. Will the adventurers manage to escape the magical forest, or will you remain trapped there forever?

Ages 9+

M, W, F

July 25-August 5

2:00-4:00pm CST

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